I'm Too Late...

It's all over now. The SPIDER PROTOCOL has been implemented.

I'm so terribly sorry I didn't do anything to stop it.

Rachel... if you're reading this...

Your hunt can end now. I've killed Mittelwerk and Valenzetti. Unfortunately it was not soon enough. The SPIDER PROTOCOL is going to destroy the world...

Be careful, loyal readers.

And with this post, I end my blog.

And my life.


Things Are Coming To A Head...

I only have a minute, so I can't post very much. Thomas and Valenzetti warned me not to post too much about where we are or what we're doing. I have to listen to them... because of... things I can't say too much about.

Understand that I wish I could tell you what's going on. I'll just mention that Thomas and Enzo have something very dangerous, and they're planning to... do something with it...

AND, I can say that things are going to be boiling over VERY, VERY soon. It's about to hit the fan, as the saying goes.

Also... I'm concerned for Rachel's safety. She hasn't been posting on her blog lately, which worries me. Even though I've elected to stick with the Foundation, I still care about her. We were friends, at one point, after all...

Oops, there's a knock on my door. I'll try and post sometime soon...



I am in shock. I thought we made a clean getaway aboard the Helgus Antonius... and then I went to Rachel's blog earlier this morning only to find she has actual photographs of us leaving! In case you're wondering, the guy on the far left is me...

Maybe I'd better back up. After Thomas had his blood transfusion, he wasn't doing so well. It was then that I realized that working for the Hanso Foundation is my JOB and those who work with me are my FRIENDS, so there's no way I can desert them for Rachel Blake. Just forget about the video you watched... perhaps I'll take it off the web so the Foundation doesn't realize I had thoughts of leaving it.

I can't tell you where we're headed, because I don't really know. Thomas and Valenzetti are keeping me in the dark about this one. They say it has something to do with the Equation, and a place where we're going to be safe.

Personally, I think we're headed for Africa. I'm not sure why, but that's the vibe I get.

I don't know what's going on, but I'm excited for the adventure to begin.

I'll keep you posted.


Some Troubling New Information...

Well, I've just finished my meeting with Mittelwerk. And, I've finished creating my first video entry for my blog. It's not too hard to find, if you're paying attention. I'd post it on my main blog page, but ANYONE can look at it here. If you really want to find it, you're going to have to look at the bigger picture. The casual blogger wouldn't bother going HERE to try and find the video, so I figured I'd take my chances and post it there.

Valenzetti was at the meeting with Thomas, myself, and several Global Welfare Consortium executives! He's alive, believe it or not.

Oh, by the way... you know that new recording Rachel's posted on her blog? We knew she was there. That was all said for her benefit... leading her farther and farther away from the truth. I'm starting to regret that now, but what can I do? It's in the past...

Everything has changed now. I'm starting to side with Rachel, which is something I thought I'd never say. I'm starting to believe that Mittelwerk has much to hide, which is something I never would have thought possible. So, thanks for sticking with me and reading my almost-daily updates on my life as a Director of the Hanso Foundation. Namaste! A thousand times, Namaste.


Ah, Italia...

I've arrived in Italy, and discovered to my surprise that Rachel is already here and has been quite active. I don't have much time, because I am going to a meeting with Thomas and several other top Hanso execs like myself. San Remo is beautiful, everyone... you should come visit!

My next post, I promise, will include a video entry of myself hidden somewhere on the web, and I'll give you a few hints on how to find it. Thanks for understanding that I don't have too much time today, guys.

I'll post about my meeting with Thomas as soon as I can.


I've Arrived... And Now I'm Leaving.

Well, folks, things have been quite exciting today in Iceland. First, I must say... Iceland is beautiful! If you ever get the chance to visit, please do so. You'll be glad you did. Reykjavik is just awe-inspiring.

With that out of the way, let's get down to business. I've seen her. I found her on the street as I was headed to her hotel, wearing a disguise as always. But I recognized her. So I followed her... to Armand Zander's house. She saw the reporters and cops swarming the place and became obviously distraught. From Zander's house, she went to a cute little coffee shop and bought herself a latte. That's where I made my move.

You're not going to hear about this on her blog, because I scared her. Bad. And she doesn't want to admit to her "Blake Brigade" or whatever they're calling themselves now that I was totally unexpected.

"Hey, Persephone," I said, walking up to where she sat. She whirled around and stared, openmouthed.

"Listen. I want you to stop this foolishness," I told her. She didn't respond, but instead started shivering. Badly.

"Thomas is tired of you following him. He's left Iceland, I'll have you know. And there's no way you're going to find out where he is now. He's told no one. Even I don't know where he's gone. So why don't you come back to the States, and we'll discuss this like good little boys and girls?"

She only shook her head. "Rachel," I said, "If you come with me now, we've decided not to prosecute you. Will you accept our offer?"

She got up and ran. I tried to follow, but lost her in the crowd. But that's ok... I know where she's going. And you can bet I'll be right there with her. Perhaps I'll book the same flight... That'll really freak her out!

Ok, well, I'm off to book my ticket. You can bet I'll keep this blog updated.


I Just Got My Travel Information...

Ok, I've been on the phone for the past hour trying to figure out exactly when I'm going to Iceland. And... it's all been set up. I'm leaving at midnight on a private jet, which will take me directly to Reykjavik. If all goes well, I'm hoping to meet up with her some time tomorrow. Perhaps I'll pass her a note on the street... or "bump" into her like she apparently has done to Thomas. One thing's for certain. She'll regret what she's done to our beloved company, and by the end of this whole trip I'll have her where I want her.

Keep checking back for new posts... the next one will be from Iceland!

Good night, and Namaste.

They're Sending Me To Iceland...

It looks like they've found her. She's in Iceland. Reykjavik, to be exact. Apparently she's been stalking Thomas. And, she attacked Paul with an iron. This girl is crazy. That's why it's up to me to stop her. There's no telling what she's going to do next.

So, the boss is sending me to Reykjavik. He thinks she'll pay attention to me. She always did like me. And I liked her too, before she became a conniving little bitch. Here's something I bet you didn't know... She was an employee of the Foundation! Supposedly she found some hidden files or something, so she left. Personally I think she has an inferiority complex and thinks she needs to stalk our president to feel good about herself. But whatever. I'm coming now, so she'd better watch out...

Hey Everyone!

Hey, I'm Dick Cheever. I'm on the Board of Directors for The Hanso Foundation. You must have heard of us. Who hasn't? We're the company that everyone is talking about these days. We're at the vanguard of advancements in just about everything... you name it, we're involved. I've decided to start a blog so those on the web can hear our side of the story. There are plenty of conspiracy websites that have seen a jump in popularity recently, but I can say with 100% certainty that none of that is true. It's all fake. I know, because I'm involved every step of the way. So this is the blog to come to for the truth, if you feel ready to know what's really going on.

Oh... my phone's ringing. I'd better go answer that. Hold on...